The Mission of SaraSid is to Un-bore the grey business look by being expressive! SaraSid want to empower women’s confidence in business life by dressing them in extravagant but chic clothes which are comfortable to wear. The aim of the brand is to support women’s career and success in life by strengthen their feminine power and make them feel good in what they wear. 

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"Since I was a little girl I loved to play with the clothes of my mom. I wore the high heels she had in the wardrobe (I messed up most of them :)) I always seen the clothes as raw materials that I can use and combine in various ways. I love vintage and old clothes as well (the clothes from mom and granny has a special meaning always) I love to COMBINE clothes, older ones and new ones... I believe that being stylish is based on your taste. The most important thing is that it has to suit you, your personality! My collection is not based on trends and seasons. They are part of a meaningful concept, and it can be wore in any time you feel like. The materials are narrowing down the wearing time and not the cuts. Most of the textiles are wool based and stretch, which gives a great comfort."   /Sara Laczo - owner, designer of SaraSid/

“When we look confident, we’re more likely to feel confident.” / Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media/

The Values of SaraSid lays in the belief that good clothes are unique, comfortable, suit the personality of the user, and last long. Smart elegance and creative combinations makes this brand distinguishable. 

Original: The origin of SaraSid lays in the love for clothing in the past and future. Variability, color combinations and functionality are all adding to the uniqueness of the designs. Classical forms are used (based on the experience of the designer wearing clothes of the predecessors) and reinvented them with small tricks, so they serve the functionality, but still have the distinguishable quality. Tradition and modernity are in balance to express originality. 

Empathic: The designer of SaraSid is aiming to create clothes that are the wish of the clients, so listen to their needs and demands. 

Sustainable: Sustainability for SaraSid means to reduce the clothing waste in the World. To reach that goal, we reduce fabric waste in production and create lasting clothes, which will not be thrown away by the user in 1year. For that reason, good quality fabrics are used, classical forms are reinvented with small twists. SaraSid clothes can be combined in various ways, so it will never become boring. 

Quality: Long lasting clothing have great quality, which starts by the well-chosen fabrics. SaraSid works from German and Italian textiles. The clothes are manufactured in Hungary by European high standards. 

Made in EU: The clothes are entirely manufactured in the European Union, which is a guarantee for fair trade labour. 

Special Thanks to the following people and companies who helped me realise my dream:


Production: KAGA logistique

Photo: Thomas Schönweitz Photoprapher

Photo: Anamaria Csordas

Identity design: Peter Molnar



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